Discovering Dash Snow..

only a little too late. the young artist died of an overdose in New York on July 13th '09, only 27 years old. i find his art fascinating. you can read about snow if you follow this link, but keep in mind he himself apparently disapproved of the way the journalist portrayed him and his friends in the article.
All pictures are borrowed from the Purple Diary blog.

If I was a punk rocker...

all this rain makes me only wanna wear black!
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Summer, please don't go!

too much fun to be had under the sun!
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I want Sienna's Chloé ankle boots!

Sienna Miller at the Sydney premiere of her latest film.

Chloé F/W 09/10

Love the understated look of these booties!
Pics: tfs.com & style.com


Karl who?

Karl Lagerfeld is a living legend, and it's not every day you stumble upon someone as great as him. I felt a bit geeky snapping these pics, but at the same time I just had too. Hopefully he didn't notice me behind all the other paparazzis. The last two pics are taken from our café table in the St. Tropez harbour. Yes, he walked straight by us with his two male friends. A memorable and magic moment!


Erin Wasson by Karl Lagerfeld

(Back from my non-internet holiday in France!)
When I interviewed Erin Wasson for Costume a few months ago she told me about a shoot she'd done with Karl Lagerfeld in Paris during fashion week in March. She wasn't sure what the project was for, but said Karl had gathered different people in the industry who were allowed to style themselves. I believe these are the pics he took of her. She looks rad as usual.. Speeking of Karl. I just saw him up close in St. Tropez three days ago!! Will post pictures later, yes I snapped some!
Pics: via tfs/fashionologie.com


When in France...

Just in case you were wondering. This is how I plan on spending most of my time, with a glass of rosé at hand...
Vive la France. A bientôt!

Paint it black

Packing for summer vacay in the Côte D'Azur and 80 % of my suitcase is filled with black clothing. I love the dramatic effect of it especially in summer with tan skin and jewelry.
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Seeking solace!

...det blåser på toppene

jeg trenger en time out...

Photo: Camilla Åkrans for Vogue China Juli '09