Ny blogg!

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Følg den nye bloggen min her.


Au revoir!

Om veldig kort tid begynner jeg å blogge i jobbsammenheng. Derfor blir det mest sannsynlig en lengre pause for denne bloggadressen. Poster link til ny blogg så fort den er oppe og går! Sees snart, tudelu!



my vulgar fun fake fur out for a test drive, grocery shopping at the local Whole Foods!

MOMA. I'd love for this pretty painting by Lee Krasner to hang on my wall!

Warhol - the real deal, not some cheap poster..
(I know - geeky picture, but there's no denying - I was a tourist!)

I miss you guys already!

Please get this industry to Oslo, perfect manicure for next to nothing!

Back in Oslo my head is spinning, my toes freezing and my work related stress beginning to resurface! Gotta keep calm, my 2010 is going to be zen!


Not good at goodbyes

Sis and me in Greenwich village

Sun & clear skies; Top of the Rock

So instead I say; see you soon New York!


Tim Burton @ MOMA

Going back to NYC tomorrow to see the Tim Burton exhibiton at MOMA. So excited! A good way to end the holiday before returning to Oslo on Sunday. Pic via google


animal print for NYE

Bought this Diane von Furstenberg dress at Scoop in Meatpacking the other day. Love the rich velvet and a-symmetrical shape. Animal print has never really been my thing, but I find my self buying it more lately. I especially love the styles where the print is more obscure, like on this dress. It can also be worn as a top, which will work nicely with black leather leggings. I also bought a leopard print fake fur, (not obscure at all!!) at Century 21 just for fun! I feel almost vulgar wearing it, but love it at the same time. Makes me think of Alabama in the movie True Romance, her style was definitely tacky, but also cool in a way! Might post a pic of the jacket later.. Time to get ready for "the last supper" of 2009, cheers to the new year!
Pics via google

Last call for sin

Cause tomorrow it's 2010 - time to leave all bad habits behind. Happy new year everyone!


dust. light. nature. spring.

Iselin Steiro in Acne Paper. Good combo - great result! I bought a cotton tanktop-dress from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair (similar in fabric and color to the one in the top picture) a couple of weeks ago. Can't wait for spring.. it is almost full length and will be great worn with flat boots. pics via fashion gone rogue


Helmut Lang scoop

Got these HL leather pants at Intermix so cheap yesterday it's ridiculous. Haven't been this excited about a purchase in a long time! Dree Hemingway is a tad too skinny, but looks very cool in her winter attire in the first pic, I must say. New York is freezing today, but we braved the cold and went to the Rockefeller Center and Times Square before we had lunch at Pastis in Meatpacking which was all great. Leaving NYC tomorrow, but plan on a trip back in May. Pics: google & altamiranyc

Opening Ceremony

Went to Opening Ceremony on Howard St. last night alone to do some shopping. Struggled by busy Chinatown to get there and was so happy to find it when I finally did. This store sells Chloe Sevigny's own line, Erin Wasson's RVCA line and carries both Rodarte and Alexander Wang to name a few. They even sell Whyred, Rika and Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, which I guess is quite exclusive over here.. Well, the sales are on and I was sure to at least make one good bargain, but didn't! Everything I wanted was sold out in my size. I left with a book about personal style by Amanda Brooks and was kind of bummed. I still recommend the store to anyone coming here who like contemporary fashion. And to make up for the lack of bargains yesterday I bought some really nice things at Intermix on Bleecker today that I might show later. Tomorrow my wallet is [CLOSED - please come back another day!], which means it's time for sightseeing! Pic via google


Empire State of Mind

Before I left Oslo I got an early present from my fabulous friend Hillevi. Taschens guide to New York. It is such a beautiful book full of New Yorks best when it comes to shopping, dining and hotels. It's decorated with lovely pictures and illustrations, just how I like it - a mix of new and old. I'm off to the city for four days now, and have already reserved lunchtables at Balthazar and Pastis. Guggenheim and Moma are also musts, so excited! Tonight I might go out for drinks on the Lower East Side with an old colleague. See you in a few days! xxx


a dash of holiday red

manicures are a rare luxury for me in Oslo as they are way overpriced and never any good. went and got one here right before dinner on x-mas eve. I've been lounging around in my new floral harempants from H&M trend, hoping spring will come early next year!


little things

I've stacked up on cute undies from Victoria's Secret and Gap, bought a spiky bracelet at Topshop and splurged on a scented candle from Diptyque that smells of fig. And finally I found a hat with the prefect fit, quality and color at Comptoir des Cotonniers on Spring Street. Just little things to make me happy!

Cupcake heaven

Stopped by Magnolia bakery on Bleecker street yesterday. Such a cute place, though the latte was not very good. I'm such a picky coffee drinker. Also went to the new Topshop (which was great), LF Stores, Bloomingdales, Scoop & Intermix. But I didn't do too much shopping yesterday as the the sales will most likely explode on the 26th of Dec. Today we're going back to Princeton for some last minute gift shopping. Happy holiday!


Braving the cold in NYC

It's freezing today! I'm braving the cold in something far more casual than this lady above... I probably will be in taxis a lot to keep warm.. Anyways, New York, I Love you!


Rodarte for Target

I arrived on US ground yesterday, the same day as the Rodarte for Target collection was launched (read about it in a magazine on my way here). So my sis and I stopped by a Target store on our way to pick up mom at the airport and checked it out. Some cute dresses and tops, but only ended up buying two things which are both gifts. Two of my g-friends will be lucky! Pics borrowed from nymag.com



If your daddy is Keith Richards, then you don't have to work very hard to be cool. For tonight's party I'm opting for this look somehow even though my dress is shorter than short... Pic of Alexandra via google


Too tired

After an extremely busy week I'm going to be ridiculously tired at the annual x-mas party with my girls tomorrow. Let's hope it results in lots of giggling rather than getting sleepy and too drunk. When this tired, I never know. As for my tired eyes, I'd love to wear MKs feather mask. One day, 1,5 hrs until the holiday begins, yes!
Pic: tfs.com


The maxi

I believe the maxi-skirt trend is going to blow up come spring. First of all the slimmer, jersey version, but also the wider maxi skirt will probably become a trend. It's sneaking upon us. Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester have been designing these for years. Early fans of those designer trends might not be so happy if the trend grows too big. Only time will tell. Definitely feeling it, both comfy and cool. Pics via google


Key products

The Bobbi Brown vitamin face cream, the foundation stick, the face oil and the gel liner. Over x-mas I'm going to visit the Bobbi Brown warehouse and store in Montclair, New Jersey. Definitely picking up some more of her great products there! Happy Monday! Pics via google.