Bathtub bliss

I have a Chanel lipstick the shade of the one right above, but unfortunately I don't know how to work it. These pics also remind me I need to watch Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette again. Despite its bad reviews, I love it. And the music in it is great. I'm so tired today, ah to have a bathtub with lion feet to lie in while enjoying macaroons and champagne and then slip into a gigantic bed... Pics: google


Beige suits my mood

November is always kind of "blah" if you ask me. Right now my Chanel Particulière nailpolish and my new Carin Wester cardigan are the only things that excite me besides good friends... Come December! I can't wait for x-mas in NYC/NJ! Pics: google & carinwester.com


Finally here!

Ever since I saw Kate wearing this dress I've wanted it to be me mine. When I realized it was from her Topshop collection I started looking for it online. Even though Topshop finally ships to Norway I ended up buying it new from a lady in Paris via eBay so that I wouldn't have to pay in customs.. The dress has now travelled from Paris to my old address in LA (by mistake), but finally arrived in my mailbox here in Oslo yesterday, just in time for the party season. I've waited for so long, months (eBay-shopping can be damn frustrating at times)! BUT it's perfect, so I'm just happy it finally made it home.. Pics: google


Made for walking!

Love that flat boots like these are in style right now. They work better with my lifestyle and job than high heels. The hunt for the perfect pair is never ending... Pics: tfs

New favourite actress..

French and fabulous - Mélanie Laurent! Saw Inglorious Basterds a while back. She really stole the limelight from Diane Kruger in the movie if you ask me. She makes me wanna wear no makeup, but red lips. She even makes me wish I smoked cigarettes the way she puffs away! Seeing the movie again as soon as possible! Pics: google


Going out tonight!

To this season's first x-mas dinnerparty and this would be the perfect outfit. I have the dress (H&M trend) the rest is just wishful thinking.. Chanel lipstick (attainable, but I don't have time), vintage gold Rolex watch (one day, one beautiful day.. when I can afford to give just as much to charity!) and Alexander Wang booties (heel too thin for Norwegian winters anyways)... I'll put on the dress on and find something to go with it that my closet already hold! Pics via google.


Off to a trend seminar..

with the highly respected trend forecaster Li Edelkoort at DogA in just a bit... She'll talk about trends in fashion, colors and textiles for 2011/2012. I'm so excited! Pic via google.


Souhtern hospitality

This sexy spread is from the same mag as the hot pics of Jamie below. Not only that, both spreads reminds me a bit of the backdrop on the show True Blood which I started watching yesterday (finally! saw three episodes in a row). That Southern, dirty, hot and kind of tacky white trash scene fascinates me.. Later today I'll swing by H&M's press office to se the spring collection, will try to snap some pics and post later. Photocollage via the In the Mood-blog @ Cover.dk


Monday blues eye candy..

Why on earth did Keira ever let Jamie Dornan go? He got real dirty in this spread for Vogue Hommes International. Such a great magazine which I keep going back to for inspiration every now and then.. Kinda like Vogue Paris for men, plus I can read the articles as they are printed in English.



The ring in the bottom I wear almost every day.. Would like more pieces from this designer. UGO CACCIATORI makes rad jewelry! Pics: borrowed from the PARISTEXAS blog.

Joan's on Third

I miss LA! Wish I could go to Joan's on Third for Sunday brunch right now. It is one of my favourite cafés in LA. Chloë leaves Joan's looking fab in her casual outfit. Pic: tfs


Add a little lace to touch it up...

This little lace jacket will work nicely with my new pants and a tank top... Not sure if it's what I'll wear tonight yet, but time to get changed and start sipping some wine. Later then!

Jimmy Choo for H&M

I did not bother to line up this morning as I hate lines, but got these two things when I went by a little later in the day. Leather leggings (with stretch) at 1499,- is a bargain! The tee is mens, cause I love slouchy t-shirts, I believe it cost 199,- Monday is the last chance for customers who bought stuff today to return things, so if you're after something you didn't get, Monday is a good day to go hunting!
Pics: via hm.com


Them boots and that bag...

are fine!!! Rachel Bilson out and about in LA... Weekend, finally! Not sure if I'm going to be bothered lining up for the Jimmy Choo for H&M launch tomorrow morning... I'll sleep on it and decide when I wake up. Pic via justjared


Romslig følgesvenn..

Veskefavoritt akkurat nå! Denne vesken, i svart, ble min for en billig penge da Holzweiler hadde vareprøvesalg for en tid tilbake. Den er akkurat passe røff og anonym og i tillegg rommer den alt pikk-pakkeriet jeg drasser med meg til enhver tid. Love it! (Ikke at den måler seg med vesken under, men det er viktig å glede seg over det man har!) Er du misunnelig skal den være i butikk nå, merket er Black Lily.


On my x-mas wishlist!

Hello Diego! Alexander Wang er fremdels et geni i mine øyne. Digger kombinasjonen av svart/mørkeblå/suede/skinn!!! Kanskje dukker den opp under treet med påskrift; Til: Julie, Fra: Julienissen... Bilde fra brownsfashion via fashionflash.

No excuse

Har ingen god unnskyldning for mitt fravær... Ny jobb, mye å gjøre er en del av grunnen. Hvordan fremtiden blir for denne bloggen er litt usikkert, men skal prøve å vedlikeholde den litt bedre fremover og heller gravlegge den hvis jeg finner ut at jeg verken har tid eller inspirasjon nok til å blogge videre! Dagens post er bilder fra en moteserie i novemberutgaven av V magazine med Dree Hemingway. Ha en finfin onsdag! Pics via Fashionflash